What's happening at our Bakeshop?

Visit us at 4405 Wallingford Ave N

Open Tuesday - Friday 7:30-5:30, Saturday - Sunday 8:00-2:00 (temporarily closed Sundays due to staff shortage)

What we bake

We bake a selection of delightful bread, pastries, and prepared foods made from locally grown organic grains and seasonal ingredients.

Our breads feature local, varietal, organic wheat flour. Many of the varieties of wheat we use are heritage or ancient varieties with names like Einkorn, Emmer Farro, Sonora, and Turkey Red. Each of them has a unique flavor profile and baking quality signature.

Our pastries also feature flour made from heritage and ancient varieties of wheat. We complement the flavor of the flour with local and seasonal ingredients. We bake a range of pastries from croissants and  morning buns to cookies and pies.

We also make a selection of sandwiches, soups, and other items for lunch.

Bread schedule

10:00am      Baguettes
12:00pm    Sourdough boules (rounds) and sandwich loaves


Thanksgiving holiday information

Items available for pre-order
Accepting pre-orders through Sunday, November 18. Email info@damselandhopper.com. Include your request plus a phone number we can call you on to confirm. We are a small shop and we may sell out of some of the items on our list.
Pumpkin pie $25
Apple pie $25
Mixed berry pie $28
Rosemary crackers $5
Bread $7
Turkey Red Wheat Sourdough, Sonora Polenta Sourdough, Einkorn Wheat Sourdough, Café-Style Bread, Emmer & Rye Sandwich Loaf

Thanksgiving week hours

Tuesday                   7:30am-5:30pm

Wednesday            7:30am-5:30pm

Thursday – Sunday      closed for the holiday


Home delivery service

Can't make it to our store at 4405 Wallingford Ave N? Try our Bakery Box service and receive a freshly-baked assortment of bread and baked goods delivered to your doorstep in time for breakfast (north Seattle delivery area only). Every other week delivery subscription available.