Week 9

Rob Salvino

It’s time for a status update on the bakery. I am about 61% through the “What can go wrong will go wrong” learning process. That’s another way of saying that I’ve made a lot of mistakes in the kitchen thus far. Thanks for your patience. Hopefully I will learn from my errors and not repeat them. Yes, we can hope.

On the business side, I am waiting on a permit that will take another 3-4 weeks. I will move into the commissary kitchen while I am waiting, fire up the website, and get ready to go live. During this waiting time I am going to amp up the experimentation. I want to try a few things out to see how they work. Don’t worry though, my obvious failures will go to feed Oscar the Grouch, aka the compost bin. You’ll only get the not-so-obvious failures and the “Hey, that actually worked!” surprises.

 Speaking of experiments, this week’s delivery includes a couple of balls of frozen pizza dough. Some assembly is required. This ready-made dough is great for a post-school or work snack or for a dinner for two. Keep the dough in the freezer and then stick it in the refrigerator the day before you want to use it. Look up ‘Shaping pizza dough’ on Google if you need tips on how to shape a pizza. This batch of dough is pretty elastic so it may take some effort to stretch it out. Let it rest for a few minutes between stretches if it is putting up too much of a fight. As for baking, bake as hot as your oven will go. One thing that really helps cook the top of the pizza is to put something on a rack above the pizza to radiate heat back into it. A second pizza stone works well if you have it, or a non-enamel heavy oven-proof pot (500 is too hot for enamel). As for toppings, one really easy topping is olive oil, 1/16” thin slices of potato, and fresh rosemary.