Week 10

Rob Salvino

Last Friday I made a pilgrimage to the Skagit Valley to meet with friends, enjoy the scenery, and pick up some ingredients. This particular time of year the fields in the Skagit are dotted with snow geese. Since it was a rainy day, the geese were hunkered down in mud puddles trying to avoid the wind. Somehow they were still white.

This was a useful visit for all of us. I stopped by Fairhaven Flour Mill to pick up a freshly-milled batch of Sonora flour. I also stopped by Northwest Wild Foods and picked up some absolutely wonderful dried Montmorency cherries. Northwest Wild Foods does a great job with their dried fruits—no sugar or preservatives added. Just true-to-taste fruit. You’ll find the Sonora wheat in many of the baked goods this week. The dried cherries are in the lemon cherry Sonora bread.

I am also including some fresh pasta from La Pasta, a little pasteria in Wedgwood. They’re going to be the pasta makers for Cereal Box Bakery. I thought I’d kick things off with an Italian-themed tri-color pasta.

Here’s one thing you could do with the pasta. While the water in your pasta pot is heating up, open up a 25 oz can of tomatoes and set aside. Loosely chop a few cloves of peeled garlic. Heat up some olive oil in a sauce pan. Tip the pan on its edge to pool the oil, add the garlic, and fry the garlic in the oil for a few minutes. Don’t let the garlic burn. Toss the garlic, add the tomatoes to the oil, and simmer until your pasta is ready. Add herbs (fresh basil is always welcome) as desired.