Week 11

Rob Salvino

I admit to being a little intimidated on Monday. I wanted to try my hand at making bagels, but I had never made them before, I had never lived in New York, and the author of one of the bagel recipes I was trying to follow said it was the most challenging recipe for him to get right. It gave me pause, but then I thought, “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead! If you guys get flat or burned or dense bagels, then that’s just gonna have to be the way that it is.” (The ‘Damn the torpedoes’ quote was given by Union Admiral David Farragut during the Civil War. Who remembers the pop culture reference to that quote from the year 1979 without googling it?)

 And so here is my northwest version of a New York bagel. Made with a blend of white flour and Edison whole wheat flour, it is also a blend of recipes from two excellent baking books. Both claimed to make the classic New York bagel yet they were pretty different. Maybe one was a Bronx version and the other was Brooklyn. Who knows. OK, let’s pretend we’re in New York. Give me your opinions, good, bad or otherwise. You got a problem with that?

 This will be the last week of deliveries for a couple of weeks while I move into the commissary kitchen where I am renting space. Thank you for helping me to get this far. Soon I will retire Bootleg Bakery, and Cereal Box Bakery will officially begin!