Week 13

Rob Salvino

Welcome to Cereal Box Bakery, the second official week of business for Seattle’s newest micro-bakery. We offer baked goods delivered to your door fresh in the morning made from one-of-a-kind varietal flours. Here’s what’s in your box (um, bag for the time being) today.

 Let’s start with the cinnamon raisin bagels made with about half Turkey Red wheat flour—a heritage variety of wheat from the middle east. I don’t have much of it this year. A friend of mine was able to spare me 100#. The rest of his 800# harvest went back into the fields last winter so that we have much more from this year’s harvest.

 The uses about half whole wheat Edison flour. This week’s loaf was made using a biga preferment, which is a long preferment with a little commercial yeast in it. It does not rely on a wild yeast starter. All of the flavor comes from the wheat and the long fermentation.

 The crackers use Sonora wheat flour—my go-to cracker flour because it makes a crisp cracker that doesn’t break into unmanageable pieces and because it has a robust flavor. Good for a cracker.

 Also included are a couple different varieties of biscotti. I used the Edison flour in the biscotti but really, the biscotti are all about the nuts, chocolate, candied ginger, or candied orange.

 Finally, there’s one bag of hot breakfast cereal from Bluebird Grain Farms out of Winthrop, WA. I provided a recipe for you a few weeks ago, but just consider this a healthy version of cream of wheat. Top it with brown sugar, honey, etc.