Week 14

Rob Salvino

We’re already up to the third official week of Cereal Box Bakery! I am fully moved in, so now I can devote more attention to other parts of the business. I finalized my website and it is open for subscribers. Please check it out and subscribe if you plan to do so. The way I set up the subscriptions was to make a basic box that should accommodate a family of two pretty well. You can add more to your subscription if the basic box doesn’t fit your family or your appetite.

Starting next week I plan to offer weekly specials that are separate from the subscription. Next week the special will be biscotti. If you’d like biscotti next week please visit the Weekly Specials page and place your order.

I am also working on packaging. For the time being I am going to continue to deliver in paper bags instead of a re-usable box. Being a Seattleite, bags come with, well, baggage. If you’d like me to re-use your bag from week to week, write your name on the bag you receive this week and put on your porch for me to pick up next week.

I hope you enjoy this week’s delivery!


What’s in the box? This week we have…

Rye porridge bread

I almost hate to call this a rye bread because it doesn’t have the sour character of a typical rye. Instead it is sweet with a surprisingly moist crumb. The secret ingredient is rye porridge, hence the name.

Almond bear claws

These laminated pastries have a surprisingly high percentage of whole wheat flour in them—more than 50% whole wheat Edison flour. The filling is made from house made almond paste because the commercial stuff has too many unrecognizable ingredients.


This is our standard granola with some candied orange added for a bit of a surprise flavor.

Twice-baked crackers

This week’s crackers are made of Sonora flour and a number of add-ins like pecans, Montmorency dried cherries, candied orange, and rosemary.