Week 15

Rob Salvino

Week of March 21, 2016

It seems to me that a business called Cereal Box Bakery ought to make cereal. Sure, I have the granola that has been very well-received, but I got this idea to create a more American-style breakfast cereal a few weeks ago. I’ve made many batches and subjected the family to numerous trials. They’re tired of me saying, “Here try this.” So now it’s your turn. “Here try this.”

The cereal is graham cracker style with cacao nibs for flavor and a jolt of anti-oxidants. Before you grab a bowl and the milk, let me set some expectations. It isn’t perfect. Especially the shape. I happened to receive my new five wheeled pastry cutter Monday and I really don’t have the hang of it yet. I was trying to create mini graham crackers. They’re more macro than mini.

So the shapes are all wrong…what’s right? I happen to like the texture in milk. They stay firm but they aren’t hard. And I like the flavor—not too sweet and complex enough to be interesting. Now is your turn. What do you think?

Please be sure to look for next week’s special on the website. And let me know if you are having any issues with the billing system or storefront.


What’s in the box? This week we have…

 Lemon cherry bread (Edison wheat)

The inspiration for this bread comes from the tiny Breadfarm Bakery in Bow, WA, which is a few miles shy of the start of Chuckanut Drive in Skagit County. Their Lemon Cherry Bread is one of their signature breads. Mine is certainly different, and hopefully just as inspired. I use Montmorency cherries from Northwest Wild Foods in Burlington, and Edison flour named after the town of Edison just a few tulip fields away. 

Pear coffee cake (Sonora wheat)

What’s not to like about fresh pears baked into a cardamom-scented coffee cake?

Rosemary cortecce crackers (Sonora wheat)

Nothing but fresh rosemary and delicate crisp think crackers.

Grammies and cacao nibs cereal (Sonora and emmer farro wheat)

Not quite ready for prime time, but I am liking the flavor profile and the texture. How about you?

Citrus cranberry biscotti nibble (Sonora wheat)

Biscotti were this week’s special. I had a few extra so you are getting a sample. Be sure to check out

next week’s sample online.