FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Cereal Box Bakery announces launch of drone delivery service

Rob Salvino

Seattle, WA. Cereal Box Bakery, a new home delivery bakery serving north Seattle, will begin drone delivery service on April 4, 2016. Customers will continue to receive a weekly delivery of fresh-baked breads, pastries, granolas, and other items on their doorstep in the early morning so they can enjoy them before heading off to work or to school. Cereal Box Bakery will also maintain its commitment to baking with small-batch stone-milled flour made from varietal grains grown in the northwest—infusing their baked goods with flavor you just can’t get from all-purpose white flour. The only difference will be the use of drones to buzz the delightful baked goods from the ovens to their customers’ doorsteps.

Rob Salvino, founder of Cereal Box Bakery, said, “Obviously we’re thrilled to be scooping that much larger Seattle-based home delivery service that’s been making noise about drones for years now. We got it done and I’m proud of the hard work that my team put in to make it happen.”

Cereal Box Bakery worked closely with the FAA to develop a flight-safe plan for its drone delivery vehicles. Harland Dorrinson, spokesperson for the FAA, said, “When Cereal Box Bakery first approached us we were skeptical about a small business being able to safely manage airspace with drones. They convinced us of the safety of their program since they make their deliveries in the early morning before people head off to work and school at a time when competing air traffic is minimal. It was a solid plan, and their baked goods are terrific.”