Seattle's backyard barnyard forces abrupt landing of drone delivery service

Rob Salvino

Cereal Box Bakery announced the abrupt cancellation this afternoon of the drone delivery service that was launched earlier in the day. Rob Salvino, founder of Cereal Box Bakery stated, "We had solved all of the technical and regulatory hurdles. We were looking forward to bringing our delightful baked goods to your doorstep with drone delivery, but we weren't thinking of the chickens."

Problems first began as the first test drone headed east on 98th St. Soon a cacophony of chickens were crowing up and down the street. The noise continued as the drone headed west to other neighborhoods. By 6:30am north Seattle sounded like a crowded barn. Calls from concerned citizens flooded into emergency service centers wondering what had happened. Harland Dorrinson, animal behavior specialist at the University of Washington, discovered that drones emit a sound pattern consistent with the pre-dawn hour. The sound pattern woke the chickens, the chickens woke the goats. There was even a cow mooing in Maple Leaf.

Rob Salvino said, "Obviously we are disappointed. We put a lot of effort into this only to have it be grounded on the first day. This setback will not deter us. We will be back next year."