Week of April 4, 2016

Rob Salvino

I hope you got a chuckle out of last Friday’s April Fool’s drone delivery announcement. In case you missed it, the post and my ‘keep-your-day-job’ photoshop of a Cereal Box delivery drone are still up on the Cereal Box Bakery facebook page. If you visit the facebook page be sure to check out the afternoon message announcing the cancellation of the drone program. It is very Seattle.

When you go to the Cereal Box Bakery facebook page please take a moment to write a review. Reviews will help others know what to expect. Also, feel free to post pictures, pairings, recipes, and such.

You’ll notice two versions of cereal in your bag this week. I am much happier with these two versions than the prematurely released cereal from a few weeks ago. Since then I spent a lot of time in the kitchen lab revising and revising. Here’s what I was striving for—a tasty breakfast with some solid nutrition. I added cacao powder to give one version a chocolaty flavor. The other has dried cherries. Both cacao and dried cherries have an abundance of anti-oxidants. I use whole grain emmer flour and almond flour for protein and digestive health. There’s a titch of brown sugar for sweetness—not that much though. I like to treat sugar like a spice instead of a central ingredient.

This week’s delivery includes a small sample of rosemary croutons. If you like them and want more, visit the Weekly Specials section of the website to order more for next week.


What’s in the box? This week we have…


Rye porridge (Dark northern rye)

This week’s bread features rye. This crusty loaf has an extra moist interior from cooked rye flakes.

Cranberry scones (Sonora wheat)

These scones feature farmers market cranberries (may be a little tart) and Sonora wheat flour.

Almond cherry cereal and cacao cacao nib grammies cereal (Sonora, emmer wheat, almond flour)

Two different versions of Cereal Box Bakery cereal. They’re derived from my graham cracker recipe.

Twice-baked crisps (Sonora wheat)

This week’s crackers are made of Sonora flour and a number of add-ins like sunflowers seeds, Montmorency dried cherries, candied orange, and rosemary.

Rosemary-scented crouton sampler

If you like these croutons you can order more for delivery next week. Visit the Weekly Specials section of the Cereal Box Bakery website to order.