Week of April 18, 2016

Rob Salvino

Week of April 18, 2016

Last week the featured flour was Edison wheat. This week it’s einkorn wheat (also known as einkorn farro or piccolo farro). Einkorn wheat is ancient. Having been farmed for over 10,000 years it’s the oldest variety of wheat there is. Harder, higher yielding wheats supplanted Einkorn wheat over time, but it remained in use on marginal fields due to its hardiness. Einkorn wheathas emerged from the margins which is a good thing for our bakeries.


This week’s round loaf, or boule, is made with about 60% organic whole grain einkorn flour from Bluebird Grain Farms in Winthrop, WA. Einkorn doesn’t have as much of the gluten proteins that provide structure as modern wheat, so the dough is trickier to work with and the baked loaves won’t have the same lift as a loaf made entirely of white flour. The trade-off is a nice mineral and hay flavor, a soft texture, and a beautiful goldenrod color to the crumb.

I hope you enjoy this loaf and the rest of your baked goods this week. By the way, it sounds like many of you are fond of the granola. If that’s you, let me know if you think I should offer it every week. Also, I love feedback both good and bad. Please pipe up and let me know what you think of your delivery.


What’s in the box? This week we have…

French country sourdough boule (Einkorn wheat)

Our boules undergo a long fermentation. The fermentation begins a day and a half before the bread is baked. Just like the best barbecue, the mantra is low and slow. Low and slow allows other microbes like lactobacillus bacteria to participate in the fermentation and not just yeast, thus leading to better flavor development. Low and slow is at its best when combined with stone-milled whole grain flour or slightly sifted flours.

 Lemon blueberry coffee cake, or dessert cake (Sonora wheat)

Let me know what you think of this new recipe. This is a fairly standard coffee cake that has undergone the Cereal Box Bakery treatment of using Sonora wheat to enhance the cakey flavor.

Black currant almond granola

This is the popular Cereal Box Bakery granola featuring anti-oxidant rich black currants.

Rosemary cortecce crackers (Sonora wheat)

Cortecce means ‘tree bark’ in Italian. These crumbless crackers are made with Sonora wheat flour for just the right crunchiness and seasoned with rosemary.