Week of May 2, 2016

Rob Salvino

Is it organic? I often get asked that question about my ingredients. Actually, that isn’t quite true. Or even a little bit true. In fact, no one has ever asked me that question. But I ask that question—all the time. Organic is important to me. And so yes, most (about ¾) of what I buy for my bakery is organic. There are exceptions—notably dairy. A shortage of organic feed in the US is driving dairy prices through the roof. Therefore, I usually buy organic milk and eggs, but not butter.

While I believe most organic food is better both in terms of nutrition and flavor, those aren’t the only reasons why I buy organic. When my wife and I first moved to Seattle I spent a couple of seasons working on an organic farm in Fall City. I would wear the farm home after a full day’s work. My pores would be filled with dirt and my fingers would be painted green with chlorophyll from cutting and bunching herbs for hours on end. I couldn’t imagine working there if the fields were conventionally farmed and the dirt I was carrying held chemicals intended to interfere with endocrine systems, immune systems, and neural systems. I am quite familiar with industry claims that farm chemicals don’t persist long enough in the environment to cause harm, but I am pretty sure their definition of harm is quite different than mine.

So, I buy organic as much as I can. And yes I pay more. But that’s a topic for another day. How about next week?


WHAT’S IN THE BOX? MAY 2-6, 2016


Rye porridge boule

Cranberry scones


Shortbread cookie assortment