Week 3

Rob Salvino

With Christmas approaching I thought I’d try to recreate the traditional Italian holiday cake known as panettone. It turned out so well that I decided to make more! Hence, this week’s delivery includes panettone, another pane (Italian for bread), and bear claws. Clearly there is no unifying theme this week.


This week’s selection of baked goods could present you with a bit of a dilemma. Both the panettone and the bear claws are traditional breakfast items. Which one should you have for breakfast first? The answer is simple. The bear claws. They are intended to be eaten immediately. The panettone will hold up well for a few days.


The bear claws contain 50% Turkey Red wheat. Alas, this is probably the last you will see of it until next harvest. The bread has 50% stone ground whole wheat flour from Fairhaven Flour Mill—a small flour mill in Burlington, WA that sources Washington grown organic wheat. I used organic white flour for the panettone. I debated experimenting with some whole wheat flour, but the recipe I followed is so precise and lengthy that I didn’t want to risk it.


Buon Appetito!