Week 7

Rob Salvino

This past weekend I attended the Cascadia Grains conference in Olympia. The event drew farmers, millers, bakers, brewers, and distillers from all over the northwest. It’s an annual event that draws more people every year, which isn’t a surprise given how robust the growth is in these industries. The state of Washington now has 305 breweries. 83 opened their doors last year. It is also home to 110 distilleries—the most in the nation. There hasn’t been as much growth in the artisan bakery industry. I guess I better get busy!

Over the coming weeks I hope to share some bits and pieces of useful and/or entertaining information I gleaned from the conference. First, I want to share with you the new variety of flour I picked up there. Tom Hunton from Camas Country Mill in Eugene, OR brought me 100 lbs of stone ground Edison flour. Here’s how Camas Country Mill describes Edison wheat:

Bred specifically for maritime Northwest climates by retired Bellingham professor Merrill Lewis, this locally adapted wheat was improved by the famous Bread Lab at WSU. Sweet and buttery with a lovely golden color, Edison has attracted a near fanatic baking following in the short year that we have grown and milled it.

Edison wheat is a hard white wheat, meaning that it has protein levels that are good for bread. Read the other side to learn which of the tasty baked goods in this week’s box include Edison flour.