Week of August 15, 2016

Rob Salvino


 Biga style boule (Montana white wheat)

This week’s bread features a hard white wheat from Montana that’s milled on Fairhaven Flour Mill’s stone mill. Some of the bran and germ have been sifted off to make it just a little lighter. ‘Biga’ refers to a long fermentation method. Today’s dough started more than 36 hours ago with a mixture of flour, water, and a pinch of yeast. This method sweetens the dough and is thought to aid in digestibility.

 Tomato Rustic Tart (Einkorn wheat, Sonora wheat, Tonnemaker Farm tomatoes)

Last week’s peach tart may have received the most ‘likes’ of anything we’ve baked yet. We’re glad you enjoyed them. Hopefully this week’s tart will measure up. It’s the same tart dough but the stars of the filling are Tonnemaker organic tomatoes.

 Blueberry muffins (Sonora wheat)

Fresh farmers market blueberries and our Sonora muffins—yum.