Week of August 2, 2016

Rob Salvino

What's Inside the Box


Rye porridge boule (organic Dark northern rye, organic stone ground wheat flour)

This crusty loaf includes rye flour (20%) and cooked rye flakes for an extra moist and sweet interior.

Blueberry scones (Sonora wheat)

Peak-of –the season blueberries find their way into our Sonora wheat scones with a hint of orange.

Burger buns (organic Expresso hard red wheat)

How about some burger buns to complement the grilling season? These buns are made with stone-ground, lightly sifted expresso hard red wheat grown in Lynden, WA.

Emmer shortbread cookies (emmer wheat flour, rye flour,  and Sonora wheat flour)

Traditional shortbread cookies—some made with emmer flour and Sonora flour and other made with rye flour and Sonora flour and rolled in cocoa nibs.