Week of August 22, 2016

Rob Salvino

At Cereal Box Bakery we want to encourage playing outside. With Labor Day next week we’re going to celebrate with burger buns and graham crackers in your weekly delivery (among other things). Since Labor Day also tends to be a time to gather with friends and family we know you may want to special order more. If you want extra buns, graham crackers, or even a loaf of bread in your delivery next week, just text me by Saturday this week and we’ll take care of it.

Also, at the beginning of August I mentioned that I was putting together a team to participate in the Washington Trails Association hike-a-thon fundraiser. A few other Cereal Box Bakery customers joined me and we created Team Sourdough. Would you like to support us by kicking in a few dollars to help Team Sourdough reach its fundraising goal? You can contribute on any one of Team Sourdough’s member pages. Just go to Look for the Membership tab. The Hike-A-Thon link can be found under the membership tab.



Biga-Style Boule

Italian Plum Coffee Cake

Burger Buns

Sonora and Emmer Grahams