Week of July 11, 2016

Rob Salvino

The baker’s pen is on vacation this week….

What's Inside the Box


Einkorn wheat boule (Einkorn wheat, Montana hard white wheat)

This week’s bread features an organic ancient grain known as einkorn. Einkorn wheat is the grandmother to all wheats. It was the first wheat to be cultivated—about 12,000 years ago. It doesn’t make the easiest flour to bake bread with, but the flavor is one-of-a-kind.

Almond blueberry tart (Einkorn wheat)

If you’ve been with us for a while you may remember an almond filled fruit tart like this with cherries. We’ve been perfecting the recipe over the past few weeks so we wanted to bring back the tart—with organic blueberries from Hayton Berry Farms this time. No refrigeration required but it’s best eaten within a day or two.

Schiacciata with peaches (Montana hard white wheat)

Tuscans stuff their focaccia-style bread called schiacciata with fresh grapes and herbs. We’re doing a northwest riff on it. Ours features organic Collins Family Orchard peaches and apricots and basil-infused olive oil. It’s for any time of day. Breakfast, snack, dinner—your choice.