Week of July 18, 2016

Rob Salvino

Having grown up in the burbs of Chicago, the closest thing I did to hiking was walking the course when I played a round of golf. But every winter my family took a ski vacation in Colorado and I fell in love with mountains. The mountains proved to have such an irresistible allure that my wife and I headed to Seattle shortly after getting married twenty-something years ago. We bought Ira Spring’s 100 Hikes of Washington and set about exploring our new backyard. First backpacking excursion—Sourdough Mountain. No lie.

Although baking sourdough (bread) is going to keep me from spending as much time in the mountains this summer as I’d like, I am going to help the Washington Trails Association (WTA) celebrate their fiftieth anniversary by sponsoring a team for their Hike-A-Thon fundraiser during the month of August—and I’m looking for teammates. No heavy lifting required. If you want to join Team Sourdough all you have to do is sign up (visit WTA.ORG, entry costs $20), promise to hike a trail or three during August (not necessarily with the team—hikes can be done on your own), and collect some pledges. Sign up and I’ll donate $20 on your pledge page to get you started. Send me a text and let me know if you sign up.

What's Inside the Box


Rye porridge boule (Dark northern rye, stone ground wheat flour)

This crusty loaf includes rye flour (30%) and cooked rye flakes for an extra moist and sweet interior.

Emmer shortbread cookies (emmer wheat flour and Sonora wheat flour)

Traditional shortbread cookies made with emmer flour and Sonora flour.

The rest of the box is (hopefully) what you ordered—either pasta, peach hand pies (made with farmers market peaches, stone ground flour and einkorn flour), or granola.

If you chose the pasta please keep it frozen until use. For best results use within a week or two. The container is not airtight and water crystals will get in.