Week of July 25, 2016

Rob Salvino

Puzzle time. Noodle over this relatively challenging maze while you eat your breakfast. Visit if you need the answer.


What's Inside the Box

Methow Red sourdough boule (Organic Methow Red wheat grown by Bluebird Grain Farms and milled by Fairhaven Organic Flour Mill)

We are excited to bake for the first time a sourdough boule made exclusively from a single variety of wheat grown on a single farm. The organic Methow Red wheat was grown for us by Bluebird Grain Farms and custom-milled by Fairhaven Organic Flour Mill.

Assorted bagels (Organic Methow Red wheat, Organic Montana white wheat)

The Methow Red wheat takes center stage in the cinnamon raisin bagels. The other bagels are made with Montana white wheat.

Fruit-topped tarts (Sonora wheat flour in the crust)

Lovely little tarts topped with peak-of-the-season farmers market fruit. Yeah! These are best kept in the fridge if you aren’t eating them right away. Enjoy within a day or two.