Week of June 20, 2016

Rob Salvino

With so many new customers, I think it’s time to once again tell the story about some of the varietal wheats that we use at Cereal Box Bakery. Let’s start with Sonora wheat.

The scones and the graham crackers in this week’s delivery feature Sonora wheat flour. Tracing its roots back to Spain, Sonora wheat was brought to Mexico in the 1600s. It’s the first wheat planted in the Americas. It traveled up the Camino Real with the Spanish missionaries. Due to its drought tolerance, disease resistance, early maturing habit, and good yield it was the most popular wheat grown west of the Mississippi during the 1800s. It was popular with bakers too and is regaining its status today.

Our Sonora wheat is grown in the Palouse country in the far eastern part of the state by Dick Scheuerman. His entire farming operation is dedicated to restoring heritage varieties of wheat and other grains. Fortunately for me (us), Dick happens to live in Seattle. His other job is as a professor of education at Seattle Pacific University. We meet regularly so he knows how the grains he grows perform in the bakery, and so I can give him suggestions about what to grow. As far as I know he’s the only one growing Sonora in the northwest.

 What's Inside the Box

Sourdough boule (Montana white wheat)

This week’s bread features a hard white wheat from Montana that’s milled on Fairhaven Flour Mill’s stone mill. Some of the bran and germ have been sifted off, yet this is still pretty close to a whole grain bread—just a little lighter.

Sonora scones with apricot ginger (Sonora wheat)

A few weeks ago we began selling at our first farmer market—in the Magnolia neighborhood. We’ve sold out of most of the baked goods every week. Yeah! Last week I had one of the cherry almond tarts left over at the end of the market. I traded it for some organic apricots, which are now in your scones.

Sonora emmer grahams (Sonora wheat, emmer wheat) or assorted cookies

For those of you receiving the graham crackers, I developed these nutritious graham crackers for last year’s hiking and camping season. I wanted to bring them back just in time for campfires and smores. They’re sandwiched with a layer of chocolate.

From the test kitchen—a savory pastry (Montana white wheat)

Here’s a little extra for you. I am testing out a savory pastry made with fresh organic kale bought at the Magnolia Famers Market. Please let me know what you think!