Week of June 27, 2016

Rob Salvino

I’m pretty excited for you (and me) to try this week’s bread. I made pizza with this flour on Monday and the dough was surprisingly sweet, so I decided to highlight that sweetness in today’s bread. I skipped the sourdough starter and went with a pinch of commercial yeast. The particular style of bread is known as a biga. If you can detect some sweetness in the bread rest assured it’s from the flour. The only ingredients in your bread are flour, water, salt, and yeast.

This is a new batch of organic stone milled Montana hard white wheat flour—delivered to me last week by the miller. This batch is performing differently—better by all accounts—from previous batches. Last week’s bread featured the same flour but a pervious batch. So two things are different between this week’s bread and last week’s bread. Better milling and biga style versus sourdough style. If you happen to remember last week’s loaf then let me know which one you liked better.

By the way, I know Seattleites like to travel. If travel plans are in your future just let me know (text or email is good) and I can put a hold on your delivery. You can also manage your account online, but most everyone finds it easier just to message me.


 What's Inside the Box


Biga style boule (Montana white wheat)

This week’s bread features a hard white wheat from Montana that’s milled on Fairhaven Flour Mill’s stone mill. Some of the bran and germ have been sifted off, yet this is still pretty close to a whole grain bread—just a little lighter. The biga technique should allow the natural sweetness of the flour to come through.

Peach muffins (Sonora wheat)

Fresh farmers market peaches found their way into your muffins.

Pinwheel cookies (Einkorn wheat)

These spiral-shaped cookies give props to the fourth of July. There’s an orange layer and a chocolate layer.