Week of May 16, 2016

Rob Salvino

At Cereal Box Bakery one of our core beliefs is that good bread is meant to be shared. We aren't the first ones to think so. The words ‘company’ and ‘companion’ derive from the Latin for ‘with bread.’ So, with that in mind, we baked a little extra to share with you. This week in your box (bag) we included one additional item for you such as a package of crackers, some granola, or a second loaf of bread.

We’d be completely happy if you decided to enjoy the extra treat yourself, but we’d also be delighted if you caught the sharing bug. Sure, we'd love it if you wanted to share with a friend who might be a prospective customer, but we'd be just as happy if you shared it with an older neighbor on a fixed income or your son's fifth grade teacher.

We also would love for you to share your comments, recipes, and food photos of the food we deliver on our Facebook page and Instagram.

Also, this Friday we’re participating in the Cascade Bicycle Club’s Bike Everywhere Day! We will have a booth at the Nickerson St. refresh station just south of the Fremont bridge. We’ll be handing out bagels and scones. Come on by if you’re on two wheels that day. Tell your friends. We’re expecting up to 1,000 riders to stop by. We’d love to see you too!


 What's Inside the Box

Cherry pecan boule (Edison wheat)

Dried Montmorency cherries and pecans In a boule with 35% Edison wheat flour.

Assorted bagels (Methow Red wheat and Edison wheat)

The cinnamon raisin bagels feature Methow Red wheat flour. The seeded and plain have Edison wheat flour.

Rosemary cortecce crackers (Sonora wheat)

Cortecce means tree bark in Italian and these lavash-style crackers are paperbark thin. Scented with fresh rosemary.

Cracked emmer farro (Emmer farro wheat)

Cracked emmer farro makes a delicious hot cereal reminiscent of cream of wheat-- only more flavorful and nutritious. It includes a package of freshly toasted shredded coconut that you can use to top your cooked cereal.