Week of May 23. 2016

Rob Salvino

I know some of you are regular social media users and others are less so. For those of you who aren’t on Facebook or Instagram regularly I thought I’d share some “can’t miss” news that appeared online—mainly because they involve you. A few weeks ago Brenda Winter Hansen woke up during bakers’ hours, grabbed her camera and visited the bakery. She captured some awesome photos. I’ve been posting them to Instagram and Facebook one at a time. Some are below. You ought to view the rest online.

Last week we sponsored Cascade Bicycle Club’s Bike Everywhere Day. A few of you went out of your way to stop by. Thanks! The very talented Anne Woodford made some signs for us for the event—see below. She is making more to help us gear up for the start of farmers market season. We will be selling at the Magnolia Farmers Market on Saturdays starting June 4.

Maria Galvao, a PCC Cooks Instructor, posted her quick fettucine recipe online last time I handed out pasta. And it’s pasta time again! Here’s Maria’s recipe idea, “I drizzled it with olive oil, fleur de sel, and rosemary. Pork chops on the side for protein.” I encourage you to share your recipes and pictures online as well.

What's Inside the Box

Einkorn boule (Einkorn wheat)

Einkorn wheat is the most ancient of all varieties of wheat. It was first farmed over 10,000 years go. It is even genetically quite different than modern wheat. For those of you with a chemistry background, einkorn is diploid (two sets of chromosomes) whereas modern wheat is hexaploid (six sets of chromosomes). Will one of you chemists explain to me how they’re even the same species?

Rhubarb strawberry Danish (Methow Red wheat)

Croissant dough made from Methow Red flour and white flour with fresh farmers market rhubarb and strawberries.

Black currant almond granola

You can always order more if you run out every week.

Emmer farro fettucine (Emmer farro wheat)

After cranking out fifty pounds of pasta last time I called on my friends at La Pasta to make us some emmer farro fettuccine. This pasta is 50% emmer farro and 50% semolina. Please refrigerate until ready to use.