Week of October 10, 2016

Rob Salvino

It’s been a while since we’ve provided our emmer farro pasta. Our friends at La Pasta in Wedgwood made this batch for us. I asked them to make it a little thinner, because I think thinner fettucine is better with the stronger flavor of the emmer farro wheat.

Our organic emmer farro wheat is grown for us by Bluebird Grain Farms out of Winthrop, WA. I am quite a fan of Bluebird Grain Farms. I was fortunate to work with them for nearly a decade—helping them to sell their products to grocery stores and restaurants throughout western Washington and Oregon. Brooke and Sam Lucy, the owners of the farm, began farming with ancient varieties of wheat as a way to restore neglected farmland in the Methow Valley. These varieties proved to be very hardy and able to survive the weedy and nutrient-poor soils of the farmland that they leased when they first started farming. Since then they’ve built up the soil tilth, but they continue with the ancient varieties because they bring new flavors to the table.

We usually don’t make a tomato-based sauce for emmer farro pasta. One of our favorites is cacio e pepe. Our go-to recipe can be found on the New York Times cooking website. Search ‘cacio e pepe Mark Bittman.’ Another idea is to add some sautéed greens and garlic to the cooked pasta along with some lightly roasted pecans and goat cheese.


Biga style boule (Organic Montana white wheat)

This week’s bread features a hard white wheat from Montana that’s milled on Fairhaven Flour Mill’s stone mill. Some of the bran and germ have been sifted off to make it just a little lighter. ‘Biga’ refers to a long fermentation method. Today’s dough started more than 36 hours ago with a mixture of flour, water, and a pinch of yeast. This method sweetens the dough and is thought to aid in digestibility.

 Almond and Plum Danishes (Organic Espresso wheat, Collins Family Orchard organic Angeleno plums)

Danishes are as versatile as they are tasty. We like to make ours even more flavorful by using small-batch stone milled flour in the pastry. This week we’re filling our croissant pastry with an almond filling topped with close-to-last-of-the-season organic plums from Collins Family Orchard.

 Emmer Farro Fettucine Pasta (Organic Emmer Farro wheat, semolina)

Our friends at La Pasta in Wedgwood made us this special batch of pasta featuring organic emmer farro wheat. Emmer farro wheat is a variety of wheat that is over 10,000 years old.

 Assorted Cookies (Organic Einkorn Farro wheat, Organic Emmer Farro wheat)

Our cookies feature ancient wheat varieties grown by Bluebird Grain Farms.