Week of October 17, 2016

Rob Salvino

Riddle time. We need to embrace fun every once in a while since our name is Cereal Box Bakery. Here’s some back-of-the-box entertainment for you.  Do you know the answers? Send me a text.


What are the next three letters in this series? W A T N T L _ _ _


Add two letters to a five letter word and the word actually becomes shorter. What is the word?


Take one letter away from an odd number and it becomes even. What is that number?



Rye porridge sourdough (Organic rye, Organic Montana white wheat)

Our bread this week is a sourdough rye. It has rye flour and cooked rye flakes to give it a moist and sweet flavor.


Bagels (Organic Methow Red wheat, Organic Montana white wheat)

I don’t believe we’ve made bagels since the spring. I’m glad they’re back. They’re fun to make. Ours contain a generous amount of sourdough and a long fermentation for flavor. This morning we finished them off with a brief boil in hot water then a bake in a super hot oven to give them a crackling crisp crust.


Emmer Farro Fettucine Pasta (Organic Emmer Farro wheat, semolina)

Our friends at La Pasta in Wedgwood made us this special batch of pasta featuring organic emmer farro wheat. Emmer farro wheat is a variety of wheat that is over 10,000 years old.



Most of the ingredients in our granola are organic—the oats, honey, seeds, coconut, brown sugar. It’s also low sugar—the honey and brown sugar comprise 11% of the ingredients by weight. Most commercial granolas are somewhere north of 20%.