Week of October 25, 2016

Rob Salvino

You may be able to tell from this week’s box (bag) that we’re getting excited about the upcoming holiday season. We are starting to test out some recipes—and you’re the lucky recipients.

For starters, there’s pumpkin pie. Yeah, we baked our ‘pie’ in mini tart pans because they were the perfect size for testing. Rest assured that our official pumpkin pie comes in a pie tin. The mini ones taste the same though—only smaller.

Then we baked our sesame dinner rolls. They’re the right size for tossing across the Thanksgiving table when Uncle Mark says “Pass me a dinner roll please.”

Speaking of holidays, it’s as good a time as any to mention that we cater. We can provide an assortment of tasty baked goods for your home or office party, fiesta, or soiree. You know it’s going to be good, and of course, we deliver too.


Emmer & Rye Sourdough sandwich loaf (organic Espresso Red wheat, organic rye, organic emmer farro)

This week’s loaf features rye flakes, cracked emmer farro, and Espresso Red wheat grown especially for Fairhaven Flour Mill and custom-milled for us. This bread makes nice sandwich slices, French toast, plain old toast, or grilled cheese.


Peach & plum muffins (Sonora wheat, Collins Family Orchard organic peaches and plums)

This past summer I did the wise thing of freezing some of the fruit that was available at the farmers market. This is the first of it—organic plums and peaches from Collins Family Orchard baked into our standard scrumptious muffin.


Dinner rolls (Organic Montana white wheat, organic Espresso Red wheat)


Mini pumpkin pie (organic pumpkin, Sonora wheat)

Mmmm nothing like fresh roasted pumpkin baked into a pumpkin pie.


Cumin & Sonora slight imperfect crackers

I made a mistake the other day of adding too much cumin to these crackers. They’re not too strong though, so I figured I might as well gift them to you instead of feed them to the crows. Try them with a nice chutney.