Week of September 6, 2016

Rob Salvino


Emmer & Rye Sourdough pan loaf (Espresso Red wheat, rye, emmer farro)

This week we’re featuring one of our most popular loaves of bread. It’s a loaf baked in a pan and features rye flakes, cracked emmer farro, and Espresso Red wheat grown especially for Fairhaven Flour Mill and custom-milled for us. This bread makes nice sandwich slices, French toast, plain old toast, or grilled cheese.


Kale and Goat Cheese Danish (Espresso red wheat, Present Tense Farm kale)

This pastry is another crowd pleaser---well ok maybe not for your kids but certainly for the adults in the room. We fill our diamond-shaped croissants with kale and goat cheese and sprinkle it with sesame.


Peach cobbler (Sonora wheat, Collins Family Orchard peaches)

The peach season is still hanging in there. We topped this week’s peaches with our ginger cream scones


Assorted cookies (Einkorn wheat, Sonora wheat, Emmer wheat)

We baked an assortment of our cookies for you. The vanilla and chocolate pinwheels feature einkorn wheat. The shortbread cookies have Sonora wheat and either emmer wheat (the cookie with the candied orange) or rye (the cookie with the cocoa nibs).