About Us

About Us. Yes. Us. Damsel & Hopper Bakery isn't about any one person. It's about the community of people who come together to make Damsel & Hopper Bakery happen.

At the beginning are the farmers and the millers who provide us with the all-important unique varietal flours that we use in our baked goods. Then there are the bakers who create and the delivery team that delivers. At the end of the chain are our customers. We wouldn't exist without you.

Damsel & Hopper Bakery is a micro-bakery. We bake tens, not thousands, of loaves a day. And we bake fresh right before delivery. We think you'll like the attention we give to your food.

 Our mission is to make baked goods fun again. Remember that joy that came from opening the breakfast cereal box as a kid? We want our customers to be filled with that same anticipation when they open up our weekly box—and delighted by what they find. We want to remove the guilt that accompanies baked goods, and it starts with our stone-milled flour made from northwest-grown varietal wheat that retains the nutrition that wheat naturally has.

Damsel & Hopper Bakery was dreamed up by Rob Salvino. An itinerant baker, food broker, marketing madman, scribe, transportation planner, industrial engineer, farm laborer, native plant aficionado, backpacker, and dog jogger, Rob is a difficult guy to pin down. Damsel & Hopper Bakery feels like home though. You can reach rob@damselandhopperbakery.com.

 Photo by Brenda Winter Hansen