What's Inside the Bakery Box

Bakery Box customers receive a bi-weekly (every other week) rotation of freshly baked bread and pastries from our bakery. The Standard option includes one loaf of bread, morning pastries, and one to three additional items. The Family option includes more pastries and more pantry items. Items change weekly. Most weeks we allow customers the option to adjust their order to best suit their needs.

Those are the details. Now let's talk about the delight. Because we believe everything we make should contain delight. And it all starts with flour. Flour? Yes, flour! We turn the clock back when it comes to flour. Our flour isn't just white flour. We source northwest-grown varietal wheat--oftentimes varieties that are hundreds or even thousands of years old. Varieties with names like Sonora, Turkey Red, Red Fife, Emmer Farro, and Einkorn. And we have our flour stone milled in small batches like it was done traditionally. Read more about what makes our flour different here.