Sourdough of the Week

$ 7.50

Every week we bake a delicious sourdough loaf made from organic flour. Our flour selection varies from week to week. Our loaves are mildly sour--we want you to be able to taste the wheat. Customers receive a 1# 6oz round, hand-formed loaf of what is being baked that particular week.

We use locally grown and small-batch milled grains for most of the flour in each loaf. Some of the varieties of wheat we use include Methow Red--an heirloom wheat grown by Bluebird Grain Farms, Turkey Red--a centuries-old variety grown for us by Palouse Colony Farm, and Espresso--a more modern variety developed for the northwest and grown on a small farm outside of Lynden, WA.

Our loaves are all naturally leavened--no commercial yeast is used except in our baguettes which use a combination of natural leavening and commercial yeast. We use a long fermentation process that begins two days before we bake to maximize flour and nutrition.


NOTE: Please be sure your total order including all items exceeds $30.