Pastry or Baked Good of the Week

$ 4.00

FOR THE WEEKS OF FEBRUARY 6 - FEBRUARY 17 OUR WEEKLY PASTRY IS PEAR COFFEE CAKE. It features heritage Sonora wheat flour and organic Tonnemaker Family Orchard pears.

Just like with our breads, each week we bake a different selection of pastries or baked goods. One week it could be cranberry orange scones featuring awesome cranberries from Starvation Alley Farm. The next week it could be slices of a Tart Aux Pommes (apple tart) made with Tonnemaker Orchard apples. Or perhaps bagels. Customers receive one healthy serving of whatever is being baked that week.

We use locally grown and small-batch milled grains in our pastries and baked goods. We find that they can elevate a standard baked good with their unique flavors and textures. We often use Einkorn wheat flour--an ancient wheat grown by Bluebird Grain Farms--in some of our breads and pie doughs. We use malty Sonora wheat a lot--a centuries-old variety grown for us by Palouse Colony Farm.

NOTE: Select delivery (north Seattle only) or pickup when placing your order. For delivery, please be sure your total order including all items exceeds $30. For pickup, we’ll let you know location details after your order is placed.